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Listen to Mary Jones HeartSong

Listen to Mary

Mary offers free Heartsong transmissions for everyone, hear them here:

You can also keep up to date with Mary on her Facebook Heartsong page :


Listen to more Heartsongs on my HeartSong CDs

I made 3 CDs filled with HeartSong music. You can listen to samples of all tracks and buy them in my webshop.

Heartsong featured in Dutch film ‘Mannen over liefde’

Mary Jones’s music from her Heartsong II CD is featured in a beautiful film, Mannen over Liefde (Men on Love). 

About the film

Three men sitting around a campfire are talking openly about love and intimacy. They take you down paths they themselves walked, they answered the calls of faithfulness and unfaithfulness, the ego and the heart. Now they listen to each other’s experiences. Is love going to feel different? How does the inner balance between male and female develop? Can you love more than one woman? What can we learn about love?

Through the film there are flashbacks to the joint preparations of the campfire, including the boat ride across the lake and the cutting of the wood. It’s a beautiful fall day, where a low sun keeps nature shine. The film is about atmosphere, attention and authenticity.

In Dutch, no subtitles. Here is the link:

Radio Show Interviews


Radio show Interview 2009:

Heartsong with Adrianna Larkin on Blog Talk Radio


Radio show Feb 17th, 2013:

Heartsong Interview with Lee-Anne of Temple of Balance on Blog Talk Radio

Video Interviews

Video Inteview by  Einar Sørbye in his Center in Oslo, Norway  2012:

Video Lightworker Virtual Lightcast in Las Vegas with Steve Rother Dec 2013: