About Mary

Warm greetings, I am Mary Jones, and I would love to share about myself and what I do. When I was a little girl, I used to climb a big beautiful Birch tree and sing to the sky and sun. I laugh at myself when I remember that I was a rather shy little thing, and decided if I went all the way to the top of the tree, no one would be able to hear me…. Well, as I grew up, and “life happens” you know, I had a very difficult childhood, and being very sensitive, there were challenges going through my teenage years. It was during this time I had a profound Spiritual experience and was able to speak in a beautiful Divine language. It felt like visiting “Home”, profound peace and love beyond words to describe. I would use this during meditation and prayer. At that time I had no idea what else to do with it. As time passed working as a nurse, I raised my sons, went through many life changes, divorce, and relocating to North San Diego. Around 1997, I asked Spirit for assistance, knowing there is more for me to accomplish in this lifetime, and that I wanted to reach my full potential to be the best and highest good to others I could be…. Well…my whole life went through major changes! And Heartsong grew and continues to evolve. I have been since 2008 travelling internationally offering Heartsong vibrational healing modality in the form of concerts, Heartsong Intensives, private sessions and beautiful CDs. I still work part time as a nurse, and continue to keep in touch with that Divine child within me, that sing to the heavens, following my heart, and offering Heartsong in many ways. Heartsong is a profound experience, heart opening, expanding and multidimentional, assisting in connection with the Divine in ways that cannot be expressed with human words. It invites us to commune with Source in a more direct way, through the language of the Heart. You will hear Divinely inspired languages, toning and overtoning.

Our original language

Our original language is that of Love vibration, Light, Energy, unexplainable in words and transcending all definitions. This sacred language is best understood when it is experienced. As we listen with our hearts wide open, we are given “attunements” that manifest as events that both inspire and elicit emotions of joy and peace. We are gifted with the experience of the resonance with our Higher Selves. Our cells are allowed to remember their Divine perfection. Hearing with our hearts is the key. When we open to the possibility of receiving thru our hearts, we are able to obtain knowledge more directly. This knowledge bypasses the limited confines of language. Freed from the trappings of limiting definitions and concepts, as well as the coloration of any perceptions we choose as we grew up in this lifetime, we find ourselves reconnecting at the Soul level with information that enables us to become more of who we truly are. To know a thing without guessing, rationalizing, explaining or defining is exquisite. With each new discovery as we receive a message from our true selves in our original language of light, vibration, and resonance is inherent with joy and bliss. Pre-Earth memories are awakened. We are expanded as we have a glimpse of the limitless vastness of all that is that exists on the other side of the veil. Our memory is awakened of how dearly loved we are, and that we are all one. Many blessings, Mary