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Co-creating sacred space for communion with Source
Mary Jones


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This is an invitation to come thru the Heart into Sacred space, and come together in Communion with Source. Heartsong is a multidimensional carrier wave for communion with the Divine, unlocking cellular memory.
Heartsong is Divinely inspired forms of Light languages, toning and overtoning and energy work that promote one to quiet the mind, and take you on a journey within the heart for meditation, reflection, relaxation and self healing.

Light languages 

Heartsong is for:
Individuals, groups, events and rituals such as weddings, funerals, work for clearing and healing Mother Earth. 

Mary sings in Light languages, that change in the moment to accommodate the person or people she is singing for, she also is doing energy work on a multidimensional level. This is a co-creation of sacred space between you, with Source/God/Holy Spirit, and your Higher Self with an invitation to open your heart to information and multidimensional energetic transmissions that assist in balancing, self healing, receiving energetic tools, and insights on all levels.  

Mary serves as the tool, witness and spaceholder for you.           

She has several CDs, and they are being used for relaxation, meditation and self healing by individuals, and practitioners of Reiki, Breath Work, Tai Chi, and massage therapy.


Listening with our hearts

English language and all the perceptions, rationalizations and mindsets we have adopted living here as human on this earth are inadequate to express or translate direct knowing of Source.
Listening with our hearts I feel is the key. It is a step towards remembering who we truly are. Heartsong expresses in languages, sung and spoken that vary depending on the people or person that is drawn for the experience, creating a sacred space for human and Source to come together in communion.

This is their personal experience they create as they bring in their intent. I act as the conduit and the space holder. What happens in that space has varied widely, from deep relaxation, opening and aligning of the Heart and Crown Chakras, DNA downloads, awakening cellular memory, light body activation, physical healings, past life healings, messages that people can understand but cannot give a word for word translation, the experiences vary widely. All feel a deep sense of receiving blessing, relaxation and peace.

Mary Jones

“My Heartsong session with Mary  brought me – perhaps for the first time in my life – so deeply in contact with myself that any description of it would only detract from my experience.

This is energy work of the next level. Never before have I had a similar body, mind & soul experience.

What Mary brings is new & innovative, different, as I am.

And yet, everything that happens seems so familiar, so natural. It’s like waking up in another dimension. What was once lost or withered away along the way is completely back and recognizable, ready to be deployed.

I recommend it to everyone, and especially to all my colleagues lightworkers, as it will also help them shine their light even purer.

Mary, thank you so much for this wonderful experience! “You are another breath of fresh air in my life.”

Grateful & blessed to know you.”

April 29 2020 Ghent, Belgium (Europe)


CEO of eNeLPee , captain of ABC center

“Sit back and watch the visuals from within your mind as these sounds create special energies that will stir you in ways you didn’t expect!”

Lee Carroll Kryon


Extraordinary Languages of Light & Vibration “Heartsong is an incredible vibrational healing tool for alignment and personal revelation.

I can personally attest that listening to one of Mary’s public performances or better yet, having your own personal vibrational alignment sessions with Heartsong, is a truly extraordinary healing experience.

Sandy Sedgbeer

Talk TV/Radio Show host, author, and media consultant

HeartSong Experiences:

You took me away in this far far away land, where exist no land and no thing but LOVE… My body melted in your clear voice, only to have my souls transported to its …original Divine home … An exceptional experience…Your divine language wihch we all know but are no longer able to understand carried me into the uniqueness and oneness of the universe, healed me and transformed me… I feel light, happy and whole again. Thank you!

Dalia Maya


Michelle Karén

M.A., D.F.Astrol.S.

Heartsong CD’s

Here are 3 CD’s filled with Heartsong music. You can listen to samples of all tracks and
buy them in my webshop.


Heartsong II

Shamanic Heartsong