Heartsong Concerts with Mary Jones

HeartSong by Mary Jones 

Mary sings in Divine Light languages, that change in the moment to accommodate the person or people she is singing for.  

She sings to music mainly composed by herself and also a capella. Every concert is unique, they are tailored especially for those present. Heart opening, relaxing, insightful, self empowering, creating sacred space for people to create their own miracles  

Since 2008, She has given concerts and hundreds of private sessions in the USA, The Netherlands, East Germany, Norway and Istanbul, Turkey.
Mary continues to go to new locations locally and internationally as she is invited.  

She has several CDs, and they are being used for meditation, relaxation and self healing by individuals, and by practitioners of Reiki, Breath Work, Tai Chi, and massage therapy.  

heartsong concert in The Netherlands

“This is an invitation to come thru the Heart into Sacred space, and come together in Communion with Source. Heartsong, a multidimensional carrier wave for communion with the Divine, unlocking cellular memory. 

Heartsong is Divinely inspired forms of  Light languages, toning and overtoning that promote one to quiet the mind, and take you on a journey within the heart for meditation, reflection, relaxation and self healing.“ 

“Language and all the perceptions, rationalizations and mindsets we have adopted living here as human on this earth are inadequate to express or translate direct knowing of Source. 

Listening with our hearts I feel is the key. It is a step towards remembering who we truly are. Heartsong expresses in Light languages, sung and spoken that vary depending on the people or person that is drawn for the experience, creating a sacred space for human and Source to come together in communion. 

This is their personal experience they create as they bring in their intent. I act as the conduit and the space holder. What happens in that space has varied widely, from deep relaxation, opening and aligning of the Heart and Crown Chakras, DNA downloads, awakening cellular memory, light body activation, physical healings, past life healings, messages that people can understand but cannot give a word for word translation, the experiences vary widely. All feel a deep sense of receiving blessing, relaxation and peace.”
Mary Jones

Mary is a gifted soul who shares beautiful songs of healing channeled via direct connection with Source.

Get ready for an evening of peace, relaxation and expansion.

Thank you, Mary!

Dr Adam Ellis

Encinitas,Ca 3-2024

When you hit certain notes, it was almost as if the overtones were so strong, I couldn’t hear the note anymore. It was almost as if it was existing in another dimensional reality right next to mine, so I would assume that it pushed me into another reality.
Steve Rother


Mary is a truly gifted healer and a very wise soul. As a healer and intuitive myself, I know when I have come across someone that carries a very special energy and light.
Right away, she helped me to feel at ease with her practice of Heartsong. I marveled at her unique blend of energy therapy mixed with song and channeling as it worked to open up my heart center.
I would advise anyone looking to clear and balance the heart to work with Mary.

Kelly Cohee


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