Heartsong Private Sessions

How does it work

Private session in person or remotely.

The sessions vary in intensity and duration, and are recorded digitally for the clients to keep. They involve singing and speaking in Divine languages, also known as Light Language, that change for the person present, toning, overtoning, and energy work.

Testimonials on Heartsong Private Sessions with Mary

“My Heartsong session with Mary brought me – perhaps for the first time in my life – so deeply in contact with myself that any description of it would only detract from my experience.

This is energy work of the next level. Never before have I had a similar body, mind & soul experience.

What Mary brings is new & innovative, different, as I am.

And yet, everything that happens seems so familiar, so natural. It’s like waking up in another dimension. What was once lost or withered away along the way is completely back and recognizable, ready to be deployed.

I recommend it to everyone, and especially to all my colleagues lightworkers, as it will also help them shine their light even purer.

Mary, thank you so much for this wonderful experience! “You are another breath of fresh air in my life.”

Grateful & blessed to know you.”

Ghent, Belgium (Europe)


CEO of eNeLPee , captain of ABC center

In my session with you I had flash-backs in time. An Indian woman who cursed the sun, moon and stars. I felt so much sorrow and pain. I went to Siberia, and was at the place that I saw in that meditation, I came home. The woman was actually a Sjaman from mongolia. Never felt so powerfull, and yet so sad. I started to sing my heartsong there, and that was the most powerfull moment in my life. Thank You for triggering that sleepy-power in me.

Annelies Saman

Middelburg, The Netherlands

After her Heartsong private telephone session… 

“Hi Mary, Your beautiful voice has been filling my soul today.

I walked to the beach for sunrise and listened as the whales awoke in the Sea of Cortez.. I feel blessed to have met you and been touched by you at this point in my journey in life. Love and light to you.

Cynthia Haupt

Director of CLH Counseling

Receiving a Heartsong telephone session with Mary Jones transported me to a state of feeling complete union with divine source.

I felt tremendous clarity hearing Mary’s spoken words in a language my rational mind could not immediately decipher, but which my heart and soul fully understood.

As my mind let go and I relaxed into the HeartSong experience, Mary sang full angelic tones which accompanied a sensation of myself lifting upward out of my physical body and up to a place of complete unconditional love where all concerns of my daily life fell away.
As the song ended and Mary spoke some closing words, the healing energy I felt pulsing and tingling in every cell in my body put me in such a delicious trance that I had difficulty speaking or moving for half an hour after the session came to close … with a relaxed, energized feeling similar to how I’ve felt after receiving the best energy healing or full body massage. Anyone interested in experiencing the bliss of divine communion will be forever positively transformed by Heartsong.

Cynthia Sue Larson

Author of 'Aura Advantage'

Private session:
“As Mary Jones was singing my personal light language, incredible images started flooding my consciousness, from both a distant past, my present and the future. I felt I was traveling to the stars, to my divine origins and recreating my own destiny.

I have since listened many times to the recording she kindly made for me of that initial session and every time it feels like it’s unraveling a deeper layer, bringing me closer to my radiant truth. I cannot recommend her work enough.”

Michelle Karén, M.A., D.F.Astrol.S.

International Astrologer, Conference speaker, Writer Author of Astrology for Enlightenment (Atria Books, NY)

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