Heartsong Intensive

Heartsong 1 day intensive:

My desire is to offer a deeper experience with Heartsong to co-create a space where we discover the highest potentials that lie within us all. To go on a sacred journey together, to learn, to teach, to hold space for each other. 

 The concerts and sessions have been a great way to do this. They have assisted people in creating a very sacred space, so they  can experience connecting with Divine Source thru an open heart

A Heartsong Intensive is a way to explore this more deeply.

This intensive is for all those seeking to experience a deeper connection to their Higher Self/Source for self empowerment, and healing.   

 Metaphysicans , Spiritual Teachers, Healers , practitioners who wish to add to their skills to assist facilitating others will find great benefit.  

As we come together in a group, we will be assisting each other acting as energetic catalysts, and enjoy the shared intent with increasing clarity of vision and purpose.

Several people have come to me saying they would like to develop this gift in their own unique way.

For example, after I gave a workshop encouraging people to connection with their hearts and how to “hear with their hearts” in an expanded way, one woman started to sing and tone to her clients during her energy work sessions.

Those wishing to host are welcome to contact me.  

Lets connect and see what amazing potentials we can manifest together !

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